Leading roles

Sanyu Karani CEO, Business Development, co-founder at econet and one of the major shareholders

(I have not developed the capacity to bring myself outside of my body and talk about me in third person. This is why I will use the “first person” for my brief bio description)

I am a Spanish born/Indian origin, serial entrepreneur that co-launched econet in 1991 fresh out of the University in Reutlingen (Germany) with 3.000 euros in the pocket and a BA Hons on Business Administration as main investments/assets.

Since we started econet, I have been doing the same: I help our clients dream about the projects they would like to do if they had more funds than the ones they got in their budget reviews. Then, together with the most talented public funding expert team in the world (the econet one!), I try my best to help them win those funds. In more or less 75 % of the cases we are successful. That’s why I have been able to stay in the same branch for almost 20 years.

For me the biggest challenges lie in helping entrepreneurs and start-ups survive through their first 3 years of existence with a little help of public funding. Their names will not resonate to you, so let me try to impress you with a shortlist of global excellent companies I have partnered with recently:

• Microsoft: more than 10 years advising them on how to use public funding to make their mainstream CSR initiatives self sustainable
• ENDESA: more than 13 years helping them sell the most deserted and peripheral regions of Spain as business parks with public funds for employment creation and industrial regeneration
• Telefonica: more than 5 years helping them take care of their developers and institutional partners ecosystem with public funding alternatives for telco solutions

The ICADE University in Spain honored me and the other econet co-founder with a sort of Business Man of the Year award in 2008. CSR Europe also awarded me together with Microsoft in their Employability Lab Awards in 2009.

The DG Enterprise of the European Commission invited me to their working group on financial incentives for e-skills.

For more than 10 years I contribute to the Grants column published weekly in EL PAIS. I also published a (hand)book on grants for municipalities with my econet colleagues.

I own a 10 % stake in a software development start-up for medical clinical records.

I have 4 lovely children (3 boys and a princess) and speak 5 languages (German, Spanish, English, Sindhi and French). I love snowboarding and am determined to learn surfing one of these days.

Since 1991, I do the same at econet, I take care of our Business Development.

Xabier García Chao CEO Talent Management

Born in A Coruña in 1973, he studied Economic Science in A Coruña.

In 2000, he was recruited by Econet, s.l. to manage an internal grant office within a R&D Centre in Ferrol (Galicia).

Until 2005, he coordinated the operations of econet in the Galicia region, bringing it from a green field to a leader position within the regional market while being self sustainable. During this period of time he acquired new clients, designed & tested dynamization products, enlarging and building the core team of the Public Growth Initiatives segments.

From 2005 to 2006 he was in charge of business development within the Public Growth Initiatives, launching a new portfolio of services from his experiences with public bodies.

From 2006 to 2009 he was the Country Manager of Spain launching the Corporate OpenInnovation Unit. At managerial level, he contributed to strengthen the team and to reinforce it integrating new technological profiles, focusing the business in dynamizing & supporting R&D collaborative projects.

Since 2010 he is the CEO in charge of Talent Management of econet.

Mayte Carracedo Public Growth Initiatives, Business Unit Manager

Born in Borneiro (A Coruña) in July 1976, she studied Political Sciences in Santiago de Compostela, with an specialisation in International Relations.

In 2001, she obtained her Master in European Policies (Université Livre de Bruxelles) and a stage in a European organisation (CERRM) in Brussels.

She speaks five languages (Spanish, Galician, English, Portuguese and French).

In 2002 she started working for the Galicia Europa Foundation as a trainee, where she was in charge of: organising activities and events related to European issues, updating, informing and writing articles about European policies and Programmes, as well as providing training in these areas to civil servants of the Regional Government.

During 2004 she worked for the General Direction for Youth in the Galicia Government as a technician, responsible for presenting and implementing European projects (Youth, Interregs and other related schemes).

From 2004 until now she has been working in econet, starting as a consultant, where she gained branch specific experience submitting and managing European projects. In 2006 she was promoted to regional manager for the Public Growth Initiatives in Galicia, being the national manager of this area between 2008 and 2011. Since 2011 she was responsible for managing the key accounts and business development of Funding services.

Today, Mayte is the Country Manager of Econet in Spain.

Miguel Angel Comin Business Development, Portal Services

I have been in econet since 1997, more than I ever could have imagined anyone could be in the same company. After my first year in econet, I left the company to join a very promising position in the Financial Department of a big multinational to realize how boring a job can be if it doesn’t offer you challenges. My wish was to share my time with interesting people able to make you think and grow professionally. After 6 months, I realized that econet could offer all what I was looking for: interesting people, different challenging project, and a lot to learn every day. So, I came back.

Since then, I have taken different positions in econet, starting as a Junior Consultant, gaining some responsibilities managing strategic and key accounts for econet. Soon after that, I took the chance to be involved in econet management starting as Grants and Subsidies Department Director and finally leading our Spain Private Sector Business Unit till 2008. From 2008 till 2011 I took the responsibility to develop econet business around R&D and innovation public funding in Spain. During this time I worked in different projects for very well know companies like Microsoft, Telefonica, Repsol, Air Liquide, FCC, DoW Chemical, Procter & Gamble, Metro de Madrid, Damm, DANONE, etc. but also for many other SME and Start Ups.

More recently, I am happy to be involved in the reinvention of econet around our portal services to bring together public and private funding from one side and entrepreneurs, business and researches on the other side. This will help us build international collaborative R&D Projects resulting in innovative products and services.

To perform all this huge task I studied and worked in Zaragoza, where I was born in 1971, to get my University Degree in Business Administration in 1996. Before that I went abroad to France to study marketing and management in Paris for a year for a Post- Graduate European Degree in Commercial Administration. To end my student career I went to UK where I spent 6 month to improve my English just before coming back to Spain and joining econet in 1997.

As father of two children, a boy and a girl, I try to enjoy the most my time and share as much as possible with my family and also friends.

Pilar Anadón Projecl Lab Leader & Member of the Board

Through my work experience, I have become a “specialist” in helping Public Bodies to design and execute projects financed by European Programs.

I started in econet’s “trainee program” in 1997, when it was a company which acquired public money for projects from other companies. As I had a rather “social” profile and I particularly enjoyed projects related to skills, employability and sustainability … we decided to start working for Public entities. Together with my colleagues we launched the Public Growth Initiatives Unit which become an important pillar within our company. Now, that we are a global player working for global organizations, I continue advising our clients in public growth challenges as a partner of econet.

As a speaker, I have participated in several conferences about European Programs for Public Bodies. I wrote, together with my econet colleagues “El manual del Alcalde: Los fondos europeos y las Corporaciones Locales”; I participated in more than one hundred projects, for more than sixty Public Body Clients. Because of the nature of their projects in the public growth segment, every project is still the “first one” for me.

I “telework” from Zaragoza, where I got my BA in Economic and Business Administration. I then specialized myself in business, management and social studies in the University of Westminster (London). In Zaragoza, I have my life and my biggest treasure: MY FAMILY!.

Graciela Garrido Funding Unit- Responsible in the North of Spain

Born in A Coruña in 1978, she studied Political Sciences in Santiago de Compostela (USC), with an specialization in International Relations (1996-2001)

In 2002, she obtained her Master in European Law: European administration and management of European Resources in A Coruña (UDC).

After that, in 2003, she spent 1 year as stagiaire in A Coruña County Council ( in the Planning/Info Point Europe Department) developing information services and collaborating in ESF projects. She also spent 5 months (2004) as stagiaire in the ERDF Innovative Actions Unit in the EC (DG REGIO).

Since 2004, she has been working in econet , starting as consultant located in the European Projects Offices in A Coruña County Council (2004-2005) , a client for which econet achieved more than 10 M€ in the period 2004-2008.

In 2006, she was promoted to Account Manager for Public Sector Institutions and she obtained a Degree in Planning and Local Development in A Coruña (UDC). Her success with A Coruña County Council and other clients such as some departments of the Galician Regional Government (General Directorate of Forestry or General Directorate of Youth) allowed her to be promoted to Galician Regional Manager for Public Sector Unit in 2009.

During all these years, Graciela has participated in the Submission and Management of European, National and Regional Projects for clients from the Public Sector, but also with Universities and Research Centres since 2008.

She has been also : speaker in several conferences about the European Union and the Public Sector Opportunities or European Programmes itself such as 7th Framework Programme, trainer in several courses such as How to submit a proposal in the framework of the 7th Framework Programme, writer of several manuals and catalogues such as 7thFP Manual (University of Vigo), Innovation Maritime Projects Catalogue, Cooperativism in Galicia (Galician Regional Gobernment) , and se has participated in several studies in tourism or employment fields and most recently about innovation and Smart Specialization Strategies at regional level

Today, Graciela runs Funding Unit in the North of Spain and participates as external evaluator for the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme for the EC.

Adrian Ferrero Funding Unit – OpenInnovation senior consultant

Born in Bilbao in 1981 and raised in La Bañeza (León), I got the Bachelor in Economics in the University of Salamanca (Spain, 1999-2003) spending an academic year in the Turku School of Economics and Business Administration (Finland, 2002-2003) and completing the Master in Environmental Management & Auditing program of UPC (Barcelona, 2004-2006).

After a brief stage as financial controller in one of the Spanish largest industrial group, I joined econet in 2006 as junior consultant, where I found the perfect environment to grow as professional.

I am the econet specialist in Environment and Framework Program specially FP7, in charge of key account management, project management, national and international partner seeking service, budget analysis and review, financial planning, technical assistance in public and private funding raising (regional, national and European range), permanent information service and alerts. Support to international complex collaborative projects and private funding for innovation. I am also mentor of entrepreneurship projects.

As responsible of Spanish central territory, I have been supporting and promoting international R&D collaborative projects in every stage from conception of project idea to project execution including evaluation. I have been coordinating key accounts as Domecq Wines España, Repsol-YPF, FCC S.A., SONY España, AL Air Liquide España, Elecnor, BFS, etc. and training in specific fields as intelectual property rights.

I am also experienced in entrepreneurial skills since I founded three successful start-ups (PREVEMA Gestión Integrada, InnoEconomy, and AC-Gen Reading Life S.L.). I accumulate wide knowledge on innovation ecosystem, financial markets, business management and entrepreneurial skills.

Furthermore, I like to practise sports as climbing, mountain races, alpinism or Judo.