Strategic Diagnosis and Action Plans


Analysis of the current situation / environment for a particular business sector or action, proactive identification of problems and challenges, as well as action plans to solve them and / or improve the initial situation. Fields of expertise: local development, tourism, social and innovation projects.


Dynamization Activities/Discussion Groups


Organization and inducement of dynamic activities, workshops and discussion groups with all the stakeholders relative to a given project or initiative


Kick off Meeting Organization


Organization, preparation and coordination of a project’s initial kick-off meeting, in which the main decisions relative to the project’s execution will be taken and the responsibilities of each partner will be defined, reviewed and attributed


Help Desk Support for Project Management


Tailor-made support / consulting service for all economic, financial, administrative issues in relation to projects financed through European funding


Help Desk Support for Consortium Management


Tailor-made support / consulting service for all questions relating to Partnership / Consortium Management for EU funded projects.


Economic and Financial Execution Support


Execution support for all economic and administrative project management tasks as well as financial compliance for collaborative European projects, alongside the Project Coordinator


Project Management


Supervision support for tasks relative to the coordination of the consortium: organizing of meetings and work plan; consortium dynamization activities in order to support to the Project Coordinator.


Dissemination and Transfer of Project Results


Conception and layout of all the different components of the Project Communication Plan: logo, website, newsletter, etc.




Identification of the necessary actions in order to bring to market a given project result / deliverable in a way that ensures sustainability beyond the project’s public funding timeframe.


Evaluation / Peer Review


Conception of a monitoring and analysis system which will allow for a successful implementation of the different project activities and ensure the highest level of achievement possible with respect to the objectives that were initially established