As econet grows and changes, there are some things that will never change – our purpose and values. econet’s Statement of Values and Commitments are presented to our members, staff and communities for consultation, and provides a framework for how we do business. It will guide our business decisions and strategies ensuring that we stay true to the values that have made us strong.


Integrity and tolerance: We are committed to honest and tolerant behaviour, advocating corporate practices that are coherent with our values.

Responsibility: We are committed to taking on our responsibilities and acting in accordance with these, ensuring that all our efforts are employed to achieve our mission.

Safeguarding of client and third-party information and intellectual property: econet requires that all its employees make use of the necessary measures to ensure the safeguarding of any client or third-party information that is registered, reserved, confidential, copyrighted or under licence or authorisation, or protected in any other way.

Professionalism: We are committed to constantly improving, acquiring new knowledge and innovating our services thanks to the experience gained, as we are doing Introducing Open Funding.

Entrepreneurship:We are committed with ourselves as responsible partners & colleagues sharing our talent and dedication among us with the enthusiasm of a start-up and directing our energy towards our clients.

Creative thinking:we encourage our people to be creative in their approach to specific problems & challenges, both internally and externally, involving them in our strategic planning and coaching them to generate innovative ideas, solutions and tools to our clients.


Creation of value for our clients: We provide quality services for our clients, collaborating with them to make the most of the opportunities available to create value, putting their interests first and offering excellence in the service provided.
International: We develop our activities internationally – overcoming national borders, we offer our clients opportunities to expand and cooperate internationally.
Dedication and success: We are committed to caring for our clients and dedicated round the clock to improving and consolidating their objectives and goals, as well as meeting their needs, focusing our efforts on their business success.

Proximity: We get as close as we can to the reality of our clients’ situation, integrating ourselves into their structure, visiting their offices and experiencing their day-to-day activities.

Quality of service: We are committed to strictly follow our quality procedures, submitting ourselves to third-party controls and aiming to attain the highest levels of excellence in our services.


Quality of life: We are committed to maintaining and improving our staff’s safe and comfortable workplaces, offering flexible working hours and providing resources to facilitate optional teleworking from home, the office or the client’s office, without any form of geographical or seasonal restriction.

Equal opportunities: We welcome greater participation and representation from women, encouraging equality in the econet workforce and in our clients’ projects.

Mutual respect: We strongly condemn any discrimination and harassment that may arise, whether orally, physically or through any other form of inappropriate conduct, which we consider unacceptable both at work and outside work. This type of conduct is not permitted under any circumstances.

Relations with our competitors: econet always competes energetically, but treats the competition respectfully, marketing its services and solutions in terms of its own merits, never discrediting or providing false information about the competition.

Relations with our suppliers: We make every effort to develop and strengthen long-lasting relationships with suppliers who share our values and who manage their business ethically.

Communication: We make every effort to improve our internal and external communication.

Social commitment: We apply business performance criteria when working with Public and Not Public Sector clients in order to help drive their efforts to meet social objectives and goals.

Sustainable development: We apply cost/benefit analysis criteria and minimise negative externalities in terms of the socioeconomic and environmental impact of our clients’ projects.

Diversity: We encourage the creation of multicultural teams made up of individuals from different nations, cultures and social, academical and professional backgrounds.

Peace: We are committed to peacefully overcoming and mediating amicable resolutions to any conflict in which our staff or clients may be involved, whether directly or indirectly.