A dynamic job

Our values

In econet, we give the maximum relevance to the values we share as citizens. For us, this is the main connection we will need to build with you while engaging with our team. Click here to find which are econet values.

Looking into the future

At econet Consultants you will help public sector organisations or companies to use subsidies to achieve their ambitions. That’s what makes work here so satisfying: you will soon discover that your contribution really makes a difference. Clearly, you will need knowledge and understanding of the client’s organisation as well as the sector in which it operates. You will also need to keep up-to-date with technical and conceptual innovations. You will be involved in the plans of top companies and institutions on the national and international scene. You will join in high-level discussions on their plans in fields such as the environment, sustainability and employment, for example. You have insight into the best ways for your clients to achieve their plans. You will, as it were, be looking into the future.

Multi-disciplinary teams

For many projects, you will work in a multi-disciplinary team. Everyone has a role, contributing particular expertise: the technical expert, the policy specialist, the commercial expert, the financial specialist, the lawyer, the project leader, to name but a few. As part of this team, you will look at all aspects of the project, but your primary task will be to secure grant funding. At econet Consultants, you can grow in whatever direction you wish. Your contribution will depend on your individual competencies.

Company culture

At econet Consultants, we readily share knowledge and experience. We stimulate one another – in a challenging but pleasant way – to find an even more intelligent approach for a project or a customer.
Moreover, at whatever level you operate, you can immediately play a fully-fledged role in a team. You will in principle work independently, for example in discussions with a Director or a subsidy provider but, where necessary, you can call on a colleague or a subject specialist for help.

Personal development

You will work on your own personal development from day one and, every year, you will draw up an annual plan with a colleague. This will include not only your commercial targets, but also personal development goals. Together, you will discuss your ambitions and how best to achieve them. Then you will choose concrete tasks to work on in the year ahead.


Thanks to our scale as a pan-European market leader, you can specialise in a particular role or theme. You will build up basic knowledge about your specialisation and insights into new developments in the field with help from specialist colleagues, who provide short training courses and workshops to keep you up-to-date. You can also follow special development programmes at the econet econt Academy. You then specialise further through courses, on-the-job learning, peer review groups, coaching and assessments.

Types of jobs


The OpenFunding Consultant

As a consultant, you advise on subsidies, from both perspectives. You advise government bodies on optimising subsidy schemes for particular innovation purposes and you advise companies or public organisations on opportunities and the potential of subsidies to leverage their innovation strategy. By talking, making presentations and lobbying, you win the hearts of the subsidy providers. Then you ensure that subsidy applications are formulated in a way that maximises the chances of acquiring particular grants. Because the legislation and regulations are so specific, you will work either for public organisations or for companies.


You can think and work at an academic level and you have a broad range of interests. You also have an enquiring mind and an eclectic sense of curiosity. One day you may be working for a paper factory, the next for a multinational in the chemicals industry. You enjoy the fact that no two days are the same. You absorb information easily and can place it in a social context. Technical insight is a plus.

Our terms of employment are competitive. In addition, everyone at econet can be a shareholder in the company, and that’s truly unique.