Follow the money!

“Money makes the world go around” sang Liza Minelli several years ago within Cabaret film (click here to listen to the song while reading this post), but… where is the money hiding? This is one of the key questions for each project developer whatever type/size/region/stage.

We have gained experience during last 18 years following the money: from investment and internationalization to cross-border collaborative innovation; from local environments to global deployments; from grant schemes to project finance & venture capital solutions; from grants process managers to specialized & tailored OpenInnovation.

Where is the money?… Money is wherever innovative behavior and creative thinking meet. Where business and community development come together, you have the chance to find the map for the Treasure Island. You just need methodology and funding know-how (advisors like us!) to go from needs to funds. Develop your project ideas; link it with partners; plan your resources & deliverables and match them with grants & finance solutions.

The money is now focused in innovation and development. Make your way to the world of disruptive breakthroughs. Find your balance between business objectives and millennium goals. Many public and private players around the world are looking for innovative approaches not necessarily related with large players but with creative approaches.

We keep following the money, developing our innovative methodologies and tools for you… Run to your pole position while the world goes round and round…