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Introducing OpenFunding

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

We are Public Funding Experts with 20 years experience managing 1.8000 projects winning 600 million euros of governmental subsidies for public and private organizations.
We support OpenInnovation projects building our own capacity to generate project ideas matching the needs of our clients with technology trends within the funding framework. We have also developed our own platform to support our clients in their consortia set-up.
econet researched the best cases for public funding acquisition and have concluded that there are 25 ways of improving Innovation Funding within entrepreneurs, corporations, governments and research centers.
econet has embarked on a mission to share our research on funding for innovation. We start our journey with you “Introducing OpenFunding”. (more…)

Reinventing Ourselves!

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

Yes, us too! We are no different. We also need to reinvent ourselves to keep growing. To stay as the European reference in advance acquisition of Public Funds for the innovation projects from our clients.

We have gained experience in dynamising, promoting, developing, submitting, managing and reporting innovation projects. We are skilling our consultants and training them to spot technological trends and to incorporate technology watch into their day to day. This way, we can produce better Innovation ideas for our clients. Now we are reshaping ourselves as Innovation Consultants.

We have learned a lot about setting up consortiums for OpenInnovation projects. We have profited from the use of on-line tools to find partners, to match their innovation objective to link their partnership profiles. We are developing our own on-line platform to aggregate all these tools that help us build better consortiums for our clients. Now, we are becoming web 2.0 linking & matching experts. We have done our research about “what works” in funding for Innovation and have come up with 25 ways of Improving Innovation Funding.

We have come to the conclusion that Funding should be open to the finance market and to the innovation ecosystem. We call it OpenFunding.

So, new skills, new tools and new concept for a new world. A small step for Funding, a huge step for Innovation!

Sanyu Karani