When you want to use public funds, you have the choice to do it yourself or to source it (partly) out to a grant consultancy.

When you decide to turn to Econet you have the capacity to use the exact grants support you need; from the investigation of grant opportunities, taking care of the grant application to the development and implementation of the project administration and reports.

Grants will benefit your power to invest, both directly and indirectly. When you apply for a grant not only the financial benefits are important but also the social recognition and reinforcement of image that are linked to obtaining grants are of great value. When you co-operate with Econet, you will have the benefits which all assigned grants offer.

Don’t miss any grant opportunities anymore

While you are concentrating on your important and urgent business, we will take care of the fact that you will not miss any relevant opportunities. econet has a wealth of knowledge and experience covering every sector and grant theme around innovation.

Save time and increase your convenience

Econet discusses relevant cases with the grant provider, delivers the information to your Project Managers and/or offices, takes part and contributes to your innovative brainstorm sessions and gets you in contact with the co-operation partner you where looking for. Above this, grant consultants of Econet can convert your ambitions, ideas and targets into grant projects. These are all occasions which are not your core business, but which are necessary to have successful grant applications. If you source this out to a grant expert, it will be a rewarded investment.

Bring in the actual reserved grant money

When obtaining a grant, it is necessary to give special attention to the reporting obligations, to enable you to draw down the full award amount. This is an onerous task but if not done will turn the grant success into a grant frustration. We have the necessary knowledge and experience to take this burden away from our clients.

Let the grant consultant take care of it econet has got 500 public funding experts with following background:

  • Settlement experts (both for national as European grants)
  • Matter experts (including innovation, sustainability, employability & education)
  • Business line specialists
  • AO/IC experts
  • Financial Process Managers
  • Administrative specialists
  • Lawyers