The government is investing in our world by providing grants.

The funding available is huge: the European Union alone each year makes reservations for over € 375 billion of grants. At this moment, there are already over 20.000 programs.

If your strategy is aligned to the government policy, the government can stimulate your ambitions through grants and can invest in your projects, while you stay focused on the core activity.

Current grant themes

The most important public themes are at this moment:

  • R&D and innovation: technological innovation, product and process development, research by universities and institutes and the cooperation in businesses;
  • Energy & Environment: energy & CO2 reduction, sustainability, renewed energy, cradle to cradle, reduction transport, intermodal transport;
  • Education & labour market: improving labour market mobility by teaching and education, education innovation;
  • Expert & Internationalization: trade improvement, investing in emerging markets;
  • Care improvement: research syndromes, research, development and appliance of new technologies or care processes;
  • Regional and urban renewal: major infrastructural renewals in cities or countrysides.


Cash your grant opportunities

Grant consultants provide an increasing need to support organizations to attract public funds successfully. Econet takes care of every aspect you need when attracting public funds. From strengthening your strategic decisions, your position according to the government, developing your project, to search a partner which you can achieve your ambitions with, to the development of grant applications and managing and administrating your projects.