Take the opportunity to get grants

To find the suitable grant scheme is a demanding, time consuming and complex process. The capability to connect your initiative to an appropriate grant scheme is crucial, understanding the grant possibilities combined with sector expertise about your business and location is essential.

Grants can also set goals to your company activities. For example, to set up a co-operation in which you can achieve your ambitions with, by connecting different ambitions or by accelerating your investments. Grants sometimes are the catalyst for this purpose.

When does your project have the opportunity chance to get grants?

Given that the public ambitions meet your ambitions, relevant grant options are there for you. To picture what kind of projects qualify for grants, we have created a record of current topics that are grantable. Also you can get a perspective of grant opportunities in your area, your company type or your region.

Developing grant projects

Whether you want regional or national grants, or looking to apply for big European grants, Econet can help you create new initiatives or projects (whether with multiple parties or not) that are aiming for a specific grant field or grant program.

Econet offers:

  • Expertise from a wide scale of specializations
  • Profound knowhow of European grant strategies
  • Pan-European network

Let Econet be the spindle between you and the local, national and European grant provider, by which will originate in an effective cooperation and will strengthen your innovation and investment power.