We guarantee independent, reliable and professional advice, keeping our client’s ambitions in the spotlight.


Who we are

We are Europe’s leading Public Funding Experts

Over the last 20 years we have built a team of experts in Public Funding for Innovation Projects. We have organized ourselves around three practice to better serve our clients needs: Corporate OpenInnovation, Growth & Public Initiatives and Public-Private Partnerships. Our team is built of engineers, lawyers and economists representing 9 nationalities, 12 languages and 14 local flavors (countries).

What we do

We provide grant consultancy services throughout Europe to a wide range of clients, from SMEs to multinational companies, technological platforms, multi-stakeholder partnerships, universities and governments.

Support in grant management

Our in-house specialists help clients in acquiring public funding and managing the grant acquisition  process, for national as well as for European grant programs. Together with our clients, we analyse the goals and projects within the organisation in order to match the grant programmes.  We then help in developing, writing and submitting a successful application, leading to project realisation, where we can take care of fulfilling all administrative duties, assuring our clients that they will receive the awarded amounts.

Our objective and the way we achieve it

You may well have activities that are eligible for grants but not be aware of it. We can determine whether this is the case and how grants can best help you achieve your ambitions. We can also help you locate potential project partners. We help you achieve your CSR goals by targeting public funding for your own investments but also for cooperative initiatives that engage your stakeholders.

We aim to help you achieve your strategic goals as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. To do this, we rely on our four core qualities: knowledge, creativity, initiative and partnership.

Knowledge, expertise and experience

Our advice on grants and subsidies is based on a profound understanding of our clients’ goals, which we combine with knowledge of the full range of grant and loan opportunities available. We speak the language of business, science & technology and we speak the language of government.

With a track record of a quarter century of grant-consulting experience and backed by an award-winning database with details of nearly 10,000 regional, national and European grant schemes, our consultants consistently achieve excellent results.


It takes considerable expertise and creativity to link projects to the requirements of grant schemes. That’s why our consultants analyse your current and planned activities, deepening their understanding of your strategic goals so that they can determine the best possible opportunities for you. We can also help you develop Public Private Partnerships in order to better incorporate public funding in initiatives that engage your partners, providers and clients.


We proactively seek grant schemes that match your needs and help you tailor your projects to take maximum advantage of grant opportunities.

Our extensive professional network and regular contacts with governments and grant providers ensure that we track the latest developments in incentive schemes and identify opportunities as they arise. You can then adapt your decisions and anticipate government policy.


Close collaboration with clients regularly leads to long-lasting partnerships. The better we know you and your organisation, the better we can advise you. This leaves you free to focus on your core business while we deal with grants acquisition, administration and project management. We also partner with our clients in their consortia, technological platforms and other public-private partnerships.